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This growing business can relieve your pain with efficient protocols

 This growing business can relieve your pain with efficient protocols

Dr. J.S. Kocher is pictured inside The Joint’s Canton location.

Aligned with a catchy name, convenience-centric protocols and knowledgeable, friendly staff, The Joint Chiropractic clinic is prepared to relieve your aches and pains — whether they were ignited by a fun game of pickleball, some serious half-marathon training or everyday life.

The Joint’s southeast-Michigan locations in Ann Arbor, Canton and Livonia are among close to 900 in the United States, making it one of the fastest-growing chiropractic businesses in the country.

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Why is the brand so hot?

“The main qualities people appreciate the most about us is we’re accessible, we’re convenient and we offer individualized care using proven, traditional methods,” explained Dr. J.S. Kocher, who works primarily out of the Ann Arbor location.

No appointments necessary

“Accessibility-wise, once you register for one of our options, you can visit any Joint in the nation. As far as convenience, you can walk right into one of our locations without an appointment and — once you register during your first visit — you’ll probably be in and out in 15 minutes or less on most visits.

The Joint Wellness Coordinator Jaime Whitney is pictured in the Canton office.
The Joint Wellness Coordinator Jaime Whitney is pictured in the Canton office

“We’re very affordable, too. An average visit costs less than most insurance plan co-pays.”

Coincidentally, Kocher’s statement unfolded in living color during a recent interview inside The Joint’s Canton business, located at 42531 Ford Road.

A patient walked in, was ushered to one of the four alignment tables, underwent a less-than-10-minute adjustment and walked out — wearing a smile that had “relief” written all over it.

Proven model

“Our model is set up for people to come in on a routine basis because when your spine is out of whack, it can lead to a lot of issues — from migraines to hip pain,” said The Joint franchise owner Tom Leach.

Tom Leach receives an adjustment from Dr. J.S. Kocher
Tom Leach receives an adjustment from Dr JS Kocher

“Not only do our doctors conduct adjustments that relieve pain and discomfort, they’ll show you stretches and exercises you can do at home to help prevent future issues.”

Leach explained initial visits cost $29 and include an exam, consultation and spine adjustment.

“If customers want follow-ups, we have monthly packages available, including six, 12 and 20 visits per month. The price per visit for our packages averages less than $20 per visit.”

Perfect location

Leach, a longtime resident of Canton, was introduced to the franchise by his son Ryan, a major in the United States Army who resides in Maryland.

“Ryan went to The Joint for adjustments and was so impressed he pursued franchising opportunities with them,” Leach explained. “When he found out there were no locations in Michigan, he thought this would be a great place to break ground.

“He’s very ambitious and he opened multiple locations in about a year and they’re doing really well.”

The Canton location — situated in the busy shopping center southwest of the intersection of Ford and Lilley roads — is ideal, Leach said.

“You want to be in a place where there is a lot of traffic, so this is perfect,” Leach said, standing in front of the Canton office on a recent afternoon. “Our Ann Arbor office is in the same complex as a Kroger, which is nice.”

Kocher said people far and wide are embracing the services chiropractic clinics like The Joint offer.

“People are more educated about us now, so seeing a chiropractor is kind of like seeing a dentist on a routine basis,” he said.

“We’re all about helping people live a higher quality of life, without medications and surgery. It’s refreshing to hear the feedback from our customers about how our adjustments are heling them live better lives.”

The Canton location is near the intersection of Lilley and Ford roads
The Canton location is near the intersection of Lilley and Ford roads

Kocher said his industry is becoming more beneficial as more baby boomers increase their level of activity.

“We see more people coming in feeling aches and pains from playing pickleball, training for half-marathons, things like that,” Kocher said.

Kocher said if during an exam The Joint staff diagnose an issue more severe than what they’re comfortable treating, they will refer them to a medical doctor without hesitation.

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