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Silvio’s Trattoria’s hand-made Italian goodness builds loyal following

 Silvio’s Trattoria’s hand-made Italian goodness builds loyal following

Chuck and Lucy Burns prepare to enjoy a meal at Silvios in Canton.

People who haven’t yet tasted its delicious authentic Italian cuisine probably refer to Canton’s Silvio’s Trattoria e Pizzeria as: “That restaurant attached to Busch’s grocery store, right?”.

Those who have dined at Silvio’s no doubt refer to Busch’s as: “That grocery store attached to that amazing Italian restaurant, right?”.

You can place regular customers Chuck and Lucy Burns in the latter category.

“When I eat here, I feel like I’m in Italy,” said Lucy Burns, raving about the two-year-old restaurant located at 225 S. Canton Center Road. “And I’m Italian. My parents are from the same region Silvio is from.

“We brought my parents here once and my mom said it’s the best food she’s ever had at a restaurant. No matter what we order — everything from pizza to filet mignon — it’s so good. And the bread … oh my gosh, it’s so crispy.”

Kevin O'Farrell and Silvio Medoro are pictured in the dining room of Silvios Trattoria.
Kevin OFarrell and Silvio Medoro are pictured in the dining room of Silvios Trattoria

Even though Chuck and Lucy live close to a half hour away from Silvio’s, they visit the establishment at least once a week, she said.

Hands-on owner

The restaurant’s namesake is Silvio Medoro, a third-generation Italian chef who prepares food the old-fashioned way: with fresh ingredients and tender-loving care.

The epitome of a hands-on owner, Medoro is never far from the business’s kitchen during business hours, putting his delicious touch on the food that has earned his place a glowing reputation.

“Silvio is here every day by 6 or 7 a.m. and he doesn’t leave until we close,” said assistant general manager Kevin O’Farrell. “This place is his pride and joy.

“All of the pasta here is hand-made, the dough is hand-made, all the meat is provided by a fresh, organic meat farm — these are a few of the reasons why it’s the best Italian restaurant in the area.”

Old-fashioned goodness

The pizza is baked in an 800-pound stone-fired oven, giving the pie a distinctive Italian flavor.

“I use my own recipes, which people appreciate,” Medoro said.

Chuck Burns said the service is magnificent.

“The staff is so nice and you get so much food with your order, you can’t possibly take another bite once you leave,” he said.

A selection of desserts greets people when they enter Silvios.
A selection of desserts greets people when they enter Silvios

Medoro moved to the United States from Italy in 1997. Prior to opening the Canton location in 2021, he operated Silvio’s Organic Pizza in Ann Arbor with daughter Francesca Louis and son-in-law Philip Louis.

“I love this location,” Medoro said. “We have so much more exposure here than our place had in Ann Arbor. Being close to the grocery store helps and being located on a busy road like Canton Center is good.”

Bourbon-tasting, pizza-making events available

Silvio’s provides patrons with more than good food. The business also organizes periodic fun-tastic events that range from bourbon and wine tasting to how to make a pizza the Silvio way.

Silvios is located at 225 S. Canton Center Road in Canton.
Silvios is located at 225 S Canton Center Road in Canton

“They’re really popular,” O’Farrell said. “For the how-to-make classes, Silvio gets up in front of everybody with a microphone and goes step by step. Everybody in the class has their own pizza ingredients in front of them and when it’s done, we take them all back to the oven and cook them. It’s a lot of fun.”

To find a schedule of upcoming events, visit Silvio’s website here.

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