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Belleville High School grad earns coveted television internship

 Belleville High School grad earns coveted television internship

Belleville native Paige McGowan has earned a prestigious internship with Glendale, California-based Ping Pong Productions, which produces several hit TV shows.

Belleville High School alumna Paige McGowan has been selected for the prestigious Television Academy Foundation Internship Program.

She is one of 40 students chosen by Television Academy members from across the country for the 2024 Summer Internship Program.

The Foundation offers paid internships at top Hollywood studios and production companies annually to college students nationwide.

McGowan is a 2024 graduate of Columbia College Chicago in Illinois where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in film and television with a concentration in editing post-production.

She will be an editing intern this summer at Ping Pong Productions in Glendale, California, through the Foundation’s program.

Internship with big-time TV producer

Ping Pong Productions is an award-winning production company that produces hit shows, such as “EXPEDITION UNKNOWN” on the Discovery Channel, featuring adventurer Josh Gates as he travels around the world solving some of history’s most incredible mysteries, and “DR. PIMPLE POPPER,” featuring Dr. Sandra Lee, on TLC (Discovery’s Learning Channel).

Paige McGowan
Paige McGowan

“The day I found out I was even a finalist for the internship with the Television Academy Foundation, I was in complete awe; and I had to reread the email a few times,” said McGowan.

“Being chosen for this opportunity gives me the confidence that I was lacking going into the world; it makes me feel that I have a voice that matters. I feel beyond inspired to work even harder to make the Television Academy members that chose me proud.

“My parents have always supported my evolving interests, from video game design, visuals effects, to editing,” said McGowan.

“My interest in technology originates from my dad, who bought me my first computer. Over the years, this would eventually lead to me discovering my love for editing and post-production. This, paired with our late nights discussing whatever our show for that week was, ultimately guided me to where I am now.

Ultimate goal: Create family-friendly shows

“I aim to be a feature film and television editor, and my ultimate goal is to work with great people to create something my parents and grandparents can watch at home and then call me to talk about it,” continued McGowan. “In addition, I’ve been inspired by many online content creators growing up; so, ultimately, I want to inspire others in the same way I have been. I am excited most for the new connections and friendships that will come from this opportunity. I can’t wait to meet others from different backgrounds that share the same love and passion as I do for television and storytelling.

“I also really love music. I first learned how to play the flute then switched to saxophone and was a part of multiple ensembles,” added McGowan. “I worked at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, too!”

The Television Academy Foundation shapes the art of creating television by engaging and educating the next generation of television professionals providing essential resources that help them discover their voices, refine their skills and forge rewarding careers in every sector of the television industry.

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The Internship Program provides over 50 students from across the nation with hands-on work experience, mentorships and opportunities for accelerated career development in more than 30 disciplines annually.

The Television Academy Foundation’s Internship Program also provides professional development sessions with leaders in the television industry and customized seminars covering personal brand-building and navigating the job market ahead for participating students.

Foundation alumni include prominent writers, producers, documentarians, creative executives, network presidents and more. Interns also automatically become members of the Foundation’s alumni family giving them access to year-round events and networking opportunities as they build their careers in the industry.

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