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New Livonia restaurant’s trademark is home-made goodness

 New Livonia restaurant’s trademark is home-made goodness

Pictured from left are Brandy Olds, Khiyah Johnson (front), Paul Williams and Lloyd Olds.

The name of Livonia’s newest restaurant — Fabulous Broadway Diner — will get people in its front door, but it’s the eatery’s scrumptious home-made food that will bring them back.

That’s the game plan for Brandy Olds and her dad Lloyd Olds — the proprietors of the business at 28407 Five Mile Road that is set to open Wednesday, March 22, at 7 a.m.

From the made-from-scratch biscuits covered in gravy to the classy interior decor, the restaurant’s atmosphere has an undeniable family feel.

“Everything we serve is home-made — there’s no frozen burger patties, no gravy from a can,” Brandy Olds said. “We home make everything, which makes us a little different from other places around here.

“Our prices are super-cheap, too, which will help get people in here. Once they try the food, though — that’s what will bring them back. My dad, who is our primary cook, is known for piling the food on the plates, too.”

Family-owned, family-operated business

Lloyd Olds has been in the restaurant business for decades. His experience has been invaluable to his business-loving daughter.

Pictured with Brandy Olds and her daughter Khiyah are Carrie Craig, Carrie Bullard and Connie.
Pictured with Brandy Olds and her daughter Khiyah are Carrie Craig Carrie Bullard and Connie

“I’ve learned everything from my dad,” Brandy said. “He’s owned restaurants since I was a teenager. He’ll run the back (the kitchen) and I’ll run the front.”

The father-and-daughter Olds tandem worked tirelessly to convert the former Mexican-themed restaurant that formerly occupied the space near the intersection of Five Mile and Harrison roads to its current welcoming status.

“We painted it ourselves, added a lot of the details to the decor,” Brandy said. “Basically, everything except the electrical stuff. That’s why it took a little longer for us to be ready to open because we wanted to make sure it was perfect.

“We’re all very excited; this has been highly-anticipated.”

Huge, tasty burgers

Brandy Olds assured patrons will fall in love with the diner’s specialty burgers, all 10 of which will be listed on a huge whiteboard that will hang from the east interior wall of the business.

“Our cheeseburgers are this tall,” she said, holding her hand about six inches from a table top. “We have quite a selection of specialized burgers, including a volcano burger where we cook the jalapenos right in the meat so make them really hot. My dad’s best friend, who is also an exceptional cook, makes the best stuffed peppers, lasagna, beef tips — we have quite the variety.”

The diner’s breakfast offerings are expansive, with six specials listed on the menu along with a wide variety of three-egg omeletes that are served with hash browns or home fries and toast.

The Fabulous Broadway Diner’s menu is designed to please everyone’s taste buds as it is stocked with appetizers, salads, coneys, soups sandwiches, seafood and a whole lot more.

The Olds’ pride and joy will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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