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Livonia-based meal prep delivery business satisfies clients’ tastebuds, lifestyles

 Livonia-based meal prep delivery business satisfies clients’ tastebuds, lifestyles

Pictured are Grace Savory & Sweet General Manager Tina King and Founder Kristi Hunt.

Whether they’re preparing pre-game meals for Major League Baseball players, health-conscious 9-to-5 professionals or anyone in between, the small but mighty team at Livonia-based Grace Savory & Sweet do so with care and expertise.

Founded in 2011 by Livonia resident Kristi Hunt, the meal-preparing business located at 19586 Middlebelt Road goes out of its way to please its clients’ tastebuds while helping them maintain a healthy diet.

Hunt and General Manager Tina King prepare anywhere from 600 to 900 meals a week.

Their weekly menu offerings are organic, gluten-free, handcrafted and prepped to please.

“More and more, you see meal-preparation businesses popping up,” said King, a resident of Canton. “What makes us different than the others is our level of customization. Our clients like that our meals are delicious and our plans give them a sustainable way of eating healthy. Plus, we deliver — we’re not grab-and-go — which people appreciate.”

The business’s cool name starts with Hunt’s mother’s middle name (Grace) and the variety of meals they create — both savory and sweet.

Riveting reunion

Pictured are meals prepared by Grace Sweet & Savory.
Pictured are meals prepared by Grace Savory and Sweet

Fittingly, the entrepreneurs’ backstory is sweet. Both Garden City natives, they attended school together from grade school through high school before taking different post-education paths.

In 2009, Hunt earned a culinary degree in Chicago, where she started a meal-prepping business. In 2011, she returned to southeast Michigan and launched Grace Savory & Sweet, due in part to meet her own gluten-free nutritional needs.

Hunt currently resides in Livonia.

King worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years before diligently teaching herself the meal-prep business.

They reconnected in 2021 and decided to merge their talents. They’ve created mouth-watering harmony ever since.

“Being the small-business owners that we are, we wear a lot of hats,” King said, smiling. “We hire people to deliver our meals to our clients, but on the occasions they’re not available, Kristi and I will do deliveries. Hey, whatever it takes.

Grace Sweet & Savory founder Kristi Hunt is a hands-on owner.
Grace Savory and Sweet founder Kristi Hunt is a hands on owner

“We have a small team; it’s basically Kristi, myself and two employees. We work well together and we work hard. We have a great system. It’s really a well-oiled machine.”

Big league entrepreneurs

During the 2022 Major League Baseball season, Hunt and King earned a contract to cook for the visiting teams that were playing the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. For roughly 30 of the 82 Tigers’ home games, they arranged a cafeteria-style set-up in the visitors’ clubhouse so the Tigers’ opponents could digest some healthy, pre-game calories.

In addition to creating incredible prepared meals, the business leaders write information-packed, nutrition-enhancing blogs on the company’s website and offer several plans, including one that rewards customer loyalty.

The bulk of the business’s clientele live in Oakland and Wayne counties.

“We’ve seen so many inspiring return-to-health stories start at our business,” King said. “It’s so satisfying knowing we’re helping people get back to eating healthy and maintaining a healthy diet. Our clients include high-profile athletes, a lot of trainers … but a lot of everyday professionals who need a little help getting dialed in with their nutrition.”

Variety is the spice of life

Among the meals most popular with their clients are Mexican- and Chinese-themed dishes, King said. “But we’ve received positive feedback on pretty much everything we put on the menu.”

If you haven’t tried GS&S before and you’re ready to dive into its deliciousness, the company’s website is easy to navigate and loaded with information regarding each week’s menu items, how to order and when deliveries are made.

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General Manager Tina King prepares meals at the Livonia headquarters.
General Manager Tina King prepares meals at the Livonia headquarters





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