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New Wayne County car wash offering free washes this weekend

 New Wayne County car wash offering free washes this weekend

Tommy’s Express car washes feature a unique wash tunnel with floor to ceiling windows.

Looking to make a clean first impression at its newest Michigan site, Tommy’s Express car wash is offering free carwashes (a $20 value) from Jan. 20 through Jan. 22 at its Westland facility located at 37401 Ford Road.

The car wash — the 19th location opened in Michigan — is owned and operated by Northville resident Aaron Brown.

Tommy’s Express carwashes are distinctive in appearance (their wash tunnels are designed to be striking, with corner towers, a rounded transparent roof, prominent branding and full-size windows that run down the length of the wash tunnel) and efficiency as member vehicles are automatically admitted into the tunnel via a proprietary license plate-reader system.

Quick service expectations

The business boasts that future customers should expect “quick service even at peak hours and a three-minute trip through the wash tunnel”. Free floor-mat washers and vacuum stations are also located on-site.

Tommy Club unlimited wash memberships are available for purchase via the Tommy’s Express app. Unlimited Club members can wash as often as they wish at any location for as little as $19.99 per month — with the first month free when downloading the Tommy’s Express app on their smartphone.

For more information, visit Tommy’s website.

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