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Local woman gets a kick out of helping people get in shape

 Local woman gets a kick out of helping people get in shape

Garden City resident Cassea Bear is a popular trainer at TITLE Boxing Club in Canton.

If you’re looking for a unique and powerful cardio/strength workout that doesn’t involve the monotony that comes with treadmills or free weights, Cassea Bear has a knock-out option for you.

Bear is a trainer at TITLE Boxing Club, which has metro-Detroit facilities in Canton and Northville.

After earning a third-degree black belt in karate while growing up in Garden City, Bear took some time off from intense workouts.

“A friend of mine told me about a class TITLE Boxing offered and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, you have to try this!’,” Bear explained. “She said the first class you take at TITLE is free, so I tried it and loved it.

Unique, fun workout

“It’s great cardio without working on a treadmill and when you’re workout is done — they’re usually 45 minutes to an hour — you feel powerful because a lot of the work out is punching a heavy bag.”

Cassea Bear is pictured with Tommy Morelli and Jill Leen
Cassea Bear is pictured with Tommy Morelli and Jill Leen

After training at TITLE for roughly three months, Bear was inspired to do more.

“I thought, ‘Wow, I’d love to train people to do box and kick-box!’,” she revealed. “I talked to the owner and she thought me becoming a trainer was a great idea.”

Bear, who is a full-time real estate consultant for Social House Group, said she teaches as many as 10 classes a week, all of which have between five and 30 participants.

One-on-one sessions available

She also conducts one-on-one training sessions (to find her schedule, check out TITLE’s training schedule here).

“Working part-time as a trainer at TITLE goes hand-in-hand with my job as a Realtor because it will come up in conversation with the people I’m training,” she said. “I’ve had TITLE clients tell me they’ll definitely use my realty expertise the next time they’re looking to buy or sell a home.”

An interior shot of TITLE Boxing Club
An interior shot of TITLE Boxing Club

The fitness-enhancing atmosphere TITLE offers is one you won’t find at normal fitness facilities.

The spacious facilities are punctuated with several heavy punching bags hanging from the ceiling.

Ring for sparring

And there’s even a ring available for TITLE customers who may want to go a few rounds with a fellow trainee.

“We do get clients who love this so much they decide to get involved in amateur kick-boxing,” Bear said. “But it’s a small percentage compared to the people who come in here just wanting to lose weight or get in better shape.”

Bear said her one-on-one sessions involve a heavy dose of clients punching mitts she wears to enhance their technique and boxing fundamentals.

What is required?

“TITLE clients have to own their own gloves and wraps,” Bear said, explaining wraps cost $10 while the price of gloves can range from $50 to $200-plus.

Cassea Bear is pictured with a group of young clients she trains
Cassea Bear is pictured with a group of young clients she trains

“The wraps are necessary for the wrists and knuckles because you’ll be punching a pretty heavy bag for an extended period of time,” she said. “The gloves are cost-effective because a lot of people who come here on a regular basis get at least three years out of them.”

The Canton TITLE Boxing Club is located at 5848 N Sheldon Rd. The Northville facility is located at 43249 Seven Mile Rd.

TITLE is a nationwide chain that services thousands of people in search of a unique, boxing/kick-boxing-flavored workout.

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