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Brothers’ work ethic reflected in booming car-detailing business

 Brothers’ work ethic reflected in booming car-detailing business

Pictured is just one of the high-end vehicles whose appearance was elevated by Dearborn Hand Wash & Detail.

Sometimes what separates a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful one is the level of ambition flowing through their bloodstreams.

Getting after it has never been an issue for brothers Alak and Abed Bouzeid, the owners of Dearborn’s ultra-successful Dearborn Hand Wash and Detail.

Learning the value of hard work from their father, who they watched grow a car maintenance business throughout their youth, the Bouzeids opened their own business in 2015 and have watched it flourish before their eyes.

A steady stream of clients pull their vehicles — many high-end eye-catchers — into the brothers’ facility at 4892 Greenfield Road and let the highly-trained staff bring out the best in the already-magnificent machines’ appearance.

Detailing million-dollar vehicles

It’s not unusual for the owner of a $1.2 million Lamborghini drive into the business’s garages to have his or her vehicle’s look elevated to the next level by the Bouzeids’ business’s proven magic.

Alak and Abed Bouzeid
Alak and Abed Bouzeid

“We were inspired by our dad, who ran a gas station and maintained vehicles when we were young,” said Alak Bouzeid. “He taught us if you treat every car you work on like it’s your own, people will keep coming back.

“In 2015, we decided to start our own hand-wash and detailing business and it’s really taken off.”

Located just a short drive from the Allen Park headquarters of the Detroit Lions, the Bouzeids attention to detail has caught the eye of the team’s players, several of whom bring their vehicles to the Bouzeids’ business or embrace the opportunity to have their vehicles detailed when the brothers take their mobile detailing equipment to the team’s headquarters.

A vehicle is detailed at Dearborn Hand Wash & Detail
A vehicle is detailed at Dearborn Hand Wash Detail

“We have learned over the years that people absolutely love their cars and they want to keep them in the best shape possible,” Alak Bouzeid said. “We offer a range of services, including paint correction, ceramic coating, window tinting and wraps.”

That’s a wrap

Wrapping a vehicle consists of the delicate application of several huge vinyl decals that are applied to every panel of a vehicle — the hood, doors, fenders, roof, deck-lid, and bumper covers.

Once the wrap — which serves as a paint job of sorts, is applied, a vehicle’s original color will not show anywhere on the outside.

“The nice thing about wraps is that if a year or two down the road, the owner of a vehicle wants to go back to the original color, the wrap can be removed and the car will look exactly like it did when it rolled off the assembly line,” Bouzeid said.

Tinting is applied to a vehicle's windshield
Tinting is applied to a vehicles windshield

Dearborn Hand Wash and Detail is the only Dearborn detailing business — and one of the few in southeast Michigan — that is an authorized XPEL dealer. XPEL is a highly-respected manufacturer of auto-protection products, including commercial window tinting and antimicrobial protection films.

Attention to detail

The business’s attention-to-detail hand-washing process is legendary among owners of luxury vehicles throughout southeast Michigan.

The Bouzeids’ next-level work ethic is leading to expansion. They are expected to open a Northville facility in near future.

“We’re looking to expand to communities that don’t currently offer the level of hand-washing and detailing services that we do,” Bouzeid said.

To learn more about the business or to make an appointment, click here. 

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A vehicle is meticulously washed
A vehicle is meticulously washed
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