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Bittersweet Bakehouse chef takes her clients to pastry paradise

 Bittersweet Bakehouse chef takes her clients to pastry paradise

Emmalee Huitron is an accomplished pastry chef who opened her own business — Bittersweet Bakehouse — in 2021.

Emmalee Huitron has earned an associate’s degree in culinary arts, a bachelor’s degree in baking science and an extreme-hustle degree from the school of life.

When the Westland resident decided to start her own business (Bittersweet Bakehouse) in the months following the COVID-19 pandemic’s harshest blitz, she went after it with a full-throttle gusto, determined to parlay her high-level skills into an independent career.

Huitron’s venture has been a success and the proof isn’t in the pudding, but in her widely-acclaimed baked goods that she creates, markets and sells seven days a week.

“Pre-COVID, I was working as a pastry chef at the Detroit Golf Club,” said Huitron, who is a native of Fowlerville, Michigan and a graduate of Rhode Island’s Johnson & Wales University, a world-renowned culinary arts institution. “Post-COVID, I could have either worked seven days a week for someone else or work for myself seven days a week.”

She decided to work for herself.

Using Westland’s Marquis Foodservice facility as a commissary kitchen, Huitron bakes everything from perfect-to-the-slightest-detail wedding cakes to raspberry rose top parts, which consist of puff pastries filled with raspberry jam.

Huitron is a popular regular at several southeast Michigan farmers markets, including Canton’s weekly summer festival.

“It’s going really well, actually,” Huitron said during a brief break on a recent Saturday afternoon at Marquis. “This is my first season running as an LLC, so I started by taking baby steps, growing gradually. Hopefully my next step is finding my own brick-and-mortar place.

“Honestly, I just want to be a part of the surrounding communities, get to know more people and get them good pastries. There really aren’t a lot of independently-owned bakeries in this area. I don’t want to get as big as Zingerman’s, but I want this business to grow.”

Days off are rare for the ever-hustling pastry professional. During the farmers market offseason she takes orders for celebratory cakes and other mouth-watering items that bring smiles to her customers’ faces.

“I recently baked and served mini-muffins at Buff City Soap’s grand opening in Canton,” she said. “I’m working on building wholesale accounts … trying to supply coffee shops and stores with my pastries and baked goods.

“There are a lot of places that would like a full-time pastry chef but can’t necessarily afford one, so I want to fill that void and supply them with stuff I bake.”

Huitron will be hosting a pie and pastry pop-up shop on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. For more information, visit her Facebook business page at Chef Emmalee, where she regularly posts her menus, market dates and special items.
To connect with Huitron and learn more about her offerings, send a message to
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